Monday, January 9, 2017

Suggestions for the New Year 2017

With every new year comes new laws that the government deems necessary to take more of our freedom under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. One example at the beginning of 2017 is an annoying law passed in California that now you cannot hold a phone while driving and it has all these details where and when and how you can use your phone in your car!  What business is it of anyone’s what anyone does in their car. Seat belts, car seats, smoking, phone use, etc., what will be next?

So how do we change the direction of the government taking more and more of our freedoms? Well first, I think we could look at how we got this way. First it comes from our inborn need to control others and thinking that we know better than anyone else. Second it comes from our learned thinking that “experts” know better than we can by using our common sense. We also need to stop voting for people that want to pass more laws pretending they will protect us when all they really do is get more of our money for the government and give them more power over every aspect of our lives.

It is hard to choose a politician because all they want to do is control us. A lot of people seem to think that when we vote for someone they should “do something”. The opposite should be true, we should be voting for people that want to leave us alone and repealing all laws that infringe on any of our freedoms.

We also need to consider what happens when they make another law. Any law requires someone to enforce that law. Then you need to hire someone to take the money when the law is broken and the fine is levied. So now there are more people that need salaries that they need to raise our taxes on. Who do rise in taxes hurt the most, the poor.

So my suggestions for 2017 and beyond are:
  • ·        When you feel or think anything that begins with “they should…” – just STOP.
  • ·        Don’t vote for politicians that want to “do something” unless it is repealing most laws. At least vote for the person that will make less laws than the other person running.
  • ·        Get involved try to run for office so you can be the one to let people run their lives and leave them alone and repeal laws and don’t be tempted by big money trying to buy you to control others.
  • ·        Mind your own business and leave others alone.