Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sooo much wasted money ! Episode 1

Space exploration,
most celebrity endorsed advertisements,
Political Campaigns,
Charity CEO Salaries.

More to come!  

Help me create this list, let me know if your ideas where money is wasted.

Primer on Freedom of Speech / Censorship

Joan Rivers claims she should be able to sell her book at Costco and they are censoring her / banning her book.  She has no idea what Freedom of Speech actually means.  She has already had her freedom by already being able to write a book.  Censorship would actually be if she was prevented from writing the book. She has no right for her book to be sold in Costco or anywhere else for that matter.  Costco or any other company has the freedom to carry any product they want to.  She is the one that is trying to taking freedom away from Costco.  This is what the left always does, re-define words and claim you are doing something you are not.