Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Example of How Democratic Policies Hurt the Poor

Most everything they think they do to help, ends up hurting the poor.  For example, the lie about the beef product (I hate the term "pink slime", it's misleading and derogatory, like everything they say) just put a company out of business and a lot of people out of work.  So what's going to happen is, when the business closes they will wonder why are we taking in enough taxes?  Duh, you put companies out of business.  Then they'll wonder why there is so much unemployment?  Duh, the place where people worked is closed.  Then they wonder why did beef prices go up?, and they'll have an investigation.  Well the product that was affordable for the poor was maligned and the people who made it went out of business.  Now the poor are the ones hurt and starving because of Democratic policies and lies.  Hell is paved with good intentions.  I know some will say it isn't good food, We'll, it probably isn't, certainly not prime cut, but cheap food is better than no food.  Nothing's Perfect